CS 182: Artificial Intelligence






Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an exciting field that has enabled a wide range of cutting-edge technology, from driverless cars to grandmaster-beating Go programs. The goal of this course is to introduce the ideas and techniques underlying the design of intelligent computer systems. Topics covered in this course are broadly be divided into 1) planning and search algorithms, 2) probabilistic reasoning and representations, and 3) machine learning (although, as you will see, it is impossible to separate these ideas so neatly). Within each area, the course will also...

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CS 284: Optimization Algorithms for Robotics





This course is designed to introduce students to a variety of optimization algorithms for designing and controlling dynamic motions in nonlinear dynamical systems such as walking, manipulating, and flying robots. Theoretical and algorithmic topics will include optimal control foundations, trajectory optimization, nonlinear programming, trajectory stabilization, model-predictive control, Lyapunov analysis, reinforcement learning & policy search, and applications of convex optimization to control and stability analysis. We will consider these topics in the context of a variety of...

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