Research in the media



  • Engadget, IEEE Spectrum Video Friday, and Tech Crunch posts on our demonstration of Atlas walking while carrying a load.
  • IEEE Spectrum Video Friday post highlighting our compliant balancing controller.
  • The Technology Review published an article about our team's software development efforts toward making Atlas a reliable disaster response machine.
  • MIT EECS Connector featured our team in the latest issue.
  • The Technology Review named Agile Robots as one of the top 10 technology breakthroughs of 2014 and highlighted our work on balance control with Atlas.
  • TIME posted a video article from a short visit to our lab today.
  • Here's another CSAIL Spotlight article on our work preparing for the Robotics Challenge Trials.


2010 and earlier

  • Robot Magazine highlighted our work with the uBot-5 in their article about service-oriented architectures.
  • Fox News story about potential healthcare applications for reliable mobile manipulators like the uBot.